04-01.Functions by purpose of use

You can check the description page of each function from the link of the function name.

Purpose of use Function
Notify students of an announcement Announcement
Distribute and post lecture material File
Post video contents On-demand video
Assign report tasks (perform check for plagiarism) Assignment
Give a quiz Quiz
Conduct a discussion Forum
Have a questionnaire Questionnaire
Take attendance Attendance

List of resources and activities

No 用語 説明
1 Announcement Notify students of news. Installed by default in a course.
2 File Upload lecture materials for students.
3 Folder Compile contents such as files and links within each topic. Synonymous with Windows folder.
4 Page Create a web page using the text editor. In page, you can set texts, images, sounds, videos, web links and so on.
5 URL Set up links to other sites on LMS or links to external sites.
6 Label Enable to set a label to display each content in a topic in an easy-to-understand manner.
7 Assignment Provide scores and feedback on reports submitted by students. Also allow to check whether submitted assignments (data) do not divert text on the Internet (check for plagiarism).
8 Workshop For submitted work (assignment), enable self-evaluation, review by other students (feedback), and peer assessment.
9 Quiz Perform quizzes with various question types, such as multiple-choice, matching, short-answer, and numerical. Time limit, random questions, automatic marking, and pass/fail determination can be set.
10 Forum Discussion board function. Can send e-mail notification for the posted content.
11 Questionnaire Construct surveys with various question types. Click here for details of “Wasepochi” (Web version clicker), which shows students’ questions and let them answer.
12 Attendance Attendance management function. Can be set for students to register their attendance. A list of course attendees can be downloaded in Excel format.

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