09-02-02.Submission phase

  1. Students can submit after moving to Submission phase. (Within a specified period if submission deadline is set at Setup phase setting.) After the submission due date, check that students submitted the assignment and click [Allocate submissions] in Submission phase.

    You can see the submission status of students at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On [Allocate submission] page, there are three ways to allocate submissions.●Manual allocationA teacher or TA will assign to review (evaluate)/to be reviewed for each submission.

    Random allocation
    Based on “Allocation settings,” it will be assigned randomly to review (evaluate)/to be reviewed for each submission. 。

    Scheduled allocation
    After submission deadline of the assignment, it will be automatically and randomly assigned to review (evaluate)/to be reviewed based on “Allocation settings.”

    Here, “Manual allocation” will be explained.
    Allocate persons to review the participants (students) with “Add reviewer” on the left of the page.
    Allocate persons to be reviewed by the participants (students) with “Add reviewee” on the right of the page.

  3. If either one is set, it will be reflected in both.
  4. Display the phase. Submission phase is now completed. Click [Switch to the assessment phase] to move to “Assessment phase.”
    *In Availability settings, if [Switch to the next phase after the submissions deadline] is checked, it will automatically switch to the assessment phase after the submissions deadline.
  5. Confirmation appears. Click [Continue] to move to Assessment phase.
  6. Now you are on Assessment phase.

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

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