10-01-02.Add question to quiz (Detailed steps)

  1. Start course editing mode.
    Refer to:
    05-01.Start and end editing of course content
  2. Display a quiz and edit. Click [Edit quiz] on the middle of the page, or you can choose from the menu in the [edit] icon.
    If someone has already taken the quiz, the quiz cannot be edited.

  3. When you click [Add], following menu is displayed.
    ・a new question
    Create a new question for this quiz
    ・from question bank
    Add a question to this quiz which is already registered in question bank.
    ・a random questionClick [a new question] and create a new question.

    If “Shuffle” is checked, the questions are randomly shuffled every time students take the quiz.

    Refer to:
    10-01-04.Use question bank
    10-01-06.Use random question
  4. Choose the question type you want to add and click [Add].
  5. Enter required items.
    Required items and content are different depending on the question type. Settings for each question type will be explained later.
  6. Click [Save] and the question is now added to the quiz.
    By clicking [ ] icon, you can set the score for each question.
    By clicking [   ] icon, you can see the preview display of the question.
  7. Check the preview display.

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

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