10-01-04.Use question bank

The questions created in Quiz are automatically registered in “Question bank.” You can also use the questions created in “Question ban” function when creating a quiz. By using Question bank, you can easily manage a variety of questions and make random questions in Quiz.

There are following 4 functions with “Question bank.”
1.Questions management
2.Category management
3.Exporting questions
4.Importing questions (copy of questions from other course) ※1


The following describes how to use “Question bank.”
To use the questions, choose “question bank” from the administration block on the right side of the screen in the course.


    1. Questions management
    2. You can create a new question by clicking [Create a new question] in “Questions” menu.
      Refer to:
      10-01-02.Add question to quiz (Detailed steps)


    1. Category managemet                                                                                                                                        Questions can be classified by categories.
      Categories are used for two main purposes.

      Quiz categorization

      Categorization improves visibility as questions can be shared between different courses and teachers.

      Refer to:
      Use in random question

      To use random question in Quiz, you need to specify the category of question bank.
      When students take a quiz, questions in the specified category will be randomly given each time they take the quiz.

      Refer to:
      10-01-06.Use random question

Create a category in “Category” menu.

Move the question to the category you created. In the example, the question is moved to the category named “Category 1”

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