13-01-01. Set points for attendance status

There are three kinds of default attendance status.

  • Present (points:2)
  • Present (points:2)
  • Absent (Points:0 If a student does not record the attendance, it will automatically become absent.)

You can set the name of each attendance status and points.

  1. Click [Status set]
  2. Set “Acronym (Up to two letters),” “Description,” “Points,” “Available for students (minutes),” “Automatically set when not marked” according to the lecture style. After setting, click [Update].

    1. “Available for students (minutes)” is based on the start time of the session used when students record. For example, if you create a session starts 1st period at 9 AM, enter “30” in “Present” in “Available for students (minutes),” and update it, “Present” can be entered until 9:30. After that, it will be “Late” (or Absent depending on the setting).
    2. You can also modify/add/delete the status. To modify, edit the default contents directly. To add, enter a blank items in the lower column and click the “Add.” To delete, click the trash can icon in “Action” column.

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

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