15-01-04.Export from Grades

You can export grade information in Excel format from Waseda Moodle.
The exporting data includes not only grades but also the student’s faculty, department, major, course, etc.

  1. Choose “Excel spreadsheet” from “Export.”
    If you want to export all the grades items, leave the defaults and click [Download].
    If you want to export some, uncheck the grades that you do not need.

  2. The grade information will be downloaded.


    See the manual below for how to import the results of grades compiled in Waseda Moodle into the grade entry system.
    <5-5. Importing grades from Waseda Moodle>

    The files you download from Waseda Moodle will be saved to your C drive or other location. Since the downloaded files contain personal information, please handle them with care. Please take measures such as setting a password for files that contain personal information. Also, please delete the files as soon as you have finished using them, and do not leave them in the recycle bin.

    ・Waseda University “You and Information Security” (for students, faculty, and staff)

    When copying and pasting student ID numbers and grades from the downloaded Excel file into the batch entry file in the Grade Registration System, use the ascending order function of Excel to set the grades in ascending order of ID number (i.e., student ID number).

Last Updated on 2021-10-07

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