14-03. Interactive Live Streaming (Collaborate)

【Important】 When using real-time delivery by Collaborate, please note the following points (you may not be able to use it properly if the following conditions are not met).

1. About the browser and OS (as of April 23)

 [Recommended environment]
 iPhone/iPad etc.: iOS 12 or later, Safari (Chrome is not acceptable)
 Windows: Windows 10, Chrome or Firefox (Edge/IE is not acceptable)
 Mac: MacOS 10.14 or higher, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
 Android: Android 9 and above, Chrome

 [Not recommended, but generally acceptable]
 Windows 7-8: Chrome, or Firefox
 macOS 10.13: Safari, Firefox, or Chrome
 Android8: Chrome
 Chromebook: Chrome
 (iPhone/iPad etc.: iOS11, Safari Chrome is NG)

 Please check here for the latest recommended environment information.

【Important】When using Microsoft Edge (not included in the recommended environment), please note that the camera’s image is reported to turn sideways.

2、Microphone and speaker settings
 Computers are no longer able to use a single device (microphone or speaker) for multiple applications at the same time. If you are using a microphone or speaker in another application, you will not be able to use it, so please stop running those applications before using Collaborate.

3. Communication lines
 If the communication line is unstable, you may be asked to leave the conference room. Be especially careful if you have a 3G connection and the communication environment is poor (one or two antennas). Please use it in a place with strong radio waves.

You can stream images from the webcam or monitor of your computer in realtime.

To stream, the computer or smartphone used to film will need to be equipped with a camera and microphone.
Students attempting to watch your stream may not be able to do so depending on the specifications of their computers or smartphones. Please see the following link for details.Browser Support
Up to 200 users may participate simultaneously through Collaborate.

Teachanywhere Blackboard Collaborateを利用するための簡単手順

How to configure each Session
  1. Start course editing mode.
    05-01. Start and end editing of your course content
  2. Click on “Add an activity or resource” of the Topic.
  3. Select 70_Collaborate, and click “Add”.
  4. Enter the title in the activity name and click “Save and Display”.
  5. Collaborate activity will be created. Click on “Create Session”.
  6. Configure the session and click on “Save”.

    Session Name Set a name for this session
    Start/End Set start/end times for this session
    Early Entry Set the time from which participation is allowed. Usually, the default option works fine.
    Allow recording downloads If you want to let users download recordings, you can set this before the session and recording begins. Please keep this box unchecked when not in use.
    Anonymize chat messages You can make chat messages posted during the live session appear as anonymous posts in the recording.
    Share Audio You can allow students to share their audio with all participants. Please keep this box unchecked when not in use.
    Share Video You can allow students to share their video with all participants. Please keep this box unchecked when not in use.
    Post Chat Messages Students can send chats.
    Draw on Whiteboard and Files You can allow students to draw on whiteboards or files being shown by the instructor. Please keep this box unchecked when not in use.
    Participants can chat privately only with moderators You can allow students to chat privately only with the moderator (instructor).
    Moderators supervise all private chats The moderator (instructor) is able to monitor private chat conversations.
    Hide profanity in chat messages Only for English and Spanish.
    If someone uses inappropriate words in the chat those words are replaced with a series of stars.
  7. You are now finished with configurations. The sessions will show as “in progress” from the start time. To make any changes to the settings, click on the […] on the right.
Streaming Live
  1. 1. If you click on the name of the session in progress, you will see an option for “Join Session”. Click on “Join Session.”
  2. Confirmations for using the camera and microphone may pop up, depending the settings of your computer or browser. Please allow use of your microphone and camera. The image below is a screenshot of Google Chrome asking for permission. Please click on “Allow”.
  3. Tests will be conducted for your microphone and camera. Please check to see how they are working.
  4. The items displayed on the screen are as described below.

    Session Menu You can open the help page or leave the session.
    Status and Settings You can see the current user login status and configure comments (Feedback).
    Share Audio Participants can turn the mic on to share their audio with all participants. This option is only available to participants who have been given permission by moderators (instructors).
    Share Video Participants can turn the camera on to share their video with all participants. This option is only available to participants who have been given permission by moderators (instructors).
    Raise Hand Participants can raise their hand by clicking this, which will be shared with all participants.
    Collaborate Panel Here, you can monitor participant statuses or chats, set participants as presenters, etc.
Please see the video clips below for information about how to use Collaborate.

(Japanese subtitles)

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

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