How to import course content to other courses

Content within a course can be copied to other courses using the import feature.This section assumes that we are importing content from a previous course into a new course.

・The date related settings for the content will be set to the date of the past course. Please change this after importing.
・If you import content that has restrictions set, the restrictions will not be removed, but if the restriction requires that the condition be covered, then it will also be required to be covered.
February 25th, 2021
The on-demand video feature can now be imported as well.
As for the on-demand videos, they cannot be imported at this time. You will need to set up on-demand video for each course.


  1. Open a new course and click the [Edit Icon] of the course to display the Edit menu. Click on “Import” from there.
  2. Select a past course and click [Continue].
    If you have a large number of courses, the desired course may not be displayed. You can then search by entering the name of the course in the search form.

  3. The “Initial Settings” screen appears. Check the items you need to import, then click [Next].
    ・If you check the “Include question bank” box, all the questions in the question bank for this course will be imported. If you don’t want to import the quiz in the following steps, you can remove it.
    ・If you want to import all the content, click [Jump to final step] to skip the settings to select the content after this and complete the import.

  4. The Schema Settings screen is displayed. All the contents are checked, so remove the check mark for unnecessary contents and click [Next].
  5. The Confirm and Review screen appears. After final confirmation of the import settings and the contents to be imported, if you are sure, click [Perform import].

  6. When the import is executed and completed, you will see the following screen. Click [Continue] to return to the course.
  7. The content has been imported.

Last Updated on 2022-12-23

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