How to take the quiz at a certain time

Quiz feature allows you to set a start and end time or set a time limit for the test.

For security reasons, Waseda Moodle is designed to force you to log out of the system after a certain amount of time, so please remind them to close their browsers and log in again with their Waseda ID before they start taking the quiz with a time limit.
Refer to:

See below for creating quizzes and adding questions.

⇒10-01-01.Create Quiz (Details)
⇒10-01-02. Add question to quiz (Details)
Setting Procedures
  1. Start course editing mode.
    Refer to:
    05-01.Start and end editing of course content
  2. Click [Add an activity or resource] on topic.
  3. Choose [Quiz] and click [Add].
  4. Enter “Name” and “Description” of the quiz.
  5. In the “Timing” settings, set the “Date and time of quiz release” and “Date and time of quiz end”.

    Please note the publication date and time. If you save the file without checking the publication date and time, it will be published immediately.
  6. Set the corresponding time limit in the “Timing” setting item as well (assuming you set a time limit this time) and check it.
  7. Select the desired behavior from “If the time limit has elapsed”.
    The detailed behavior of each choice can be found here.
“When time expires” setting controls what happens if a student is logged out of the class and the time limit or grace period is exceeded. If the quiz is completed under normal conditions, the results will be automatically sent and graded if they are answered before the time limit. See here for more details on the behavior of each option.

However, please do not set the access restriction by “Close the quiz” and “Restrict access” at the same time. If you do this, the answers will not be sent automatically at the end of the time limit and grace period. For more information on usage restriction, see here.

If the time limit is 1 hour and a half on July 31, 2020 from 13:00 to 14:30, please do not set the time limit to “available until 14:30 on July 31, 2020” in the usage restriction settings. (If you do set a time limit, it must be at least five minutes after the end of the time limit ((after 14:35 on July 31, 2020)).

Last Updated on 2022-12-23

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