17-01-01. What you can do with H5P (Interactive Video)

H5P (Interactive Video) can realize interactive interaction with students by making full use of video contents, quizzes, and explanatory texts. For example, in a flipped classroom, students can watch video content in advance and take quizzes to check their understanding.

※For a detailed explanation of H5P, please refer to this English site.
However, due to the rapid progress of H5P technology, it is not possible to cover everything and only a part of this manual will be provided.

Click here for a sample video. *Only Japanese
In the sample video, there is no “grade” set, but in reality, you can set a “grade” and reflect it in the grade.

The following effects can be expected from the use of this content.
  • Maintaining Concentration
    By combining video and quizzes, you can provide an opportunity for students to concentrate on watching the video.
  • Increase Engagement
    By providing interactive videos and quizzes that are similar to classroom activities, and by allowing students to submit their opinions and comments on the videos, you can motivate them to take the course.
  • Improving comprehension
    By providing quizzes and explanatory text at the same time as the videos, you can increase the level of understanding for each unit.
We recommend using it in the following situations.
  • Use as flipped classroom materials
    Classroom lessons are conducted after a certain level of understanding is met by having students watch interactive videos in advance, answer quizzes, and present explanatory text.
  • Use as a review material after the class
    Presented as a video summary of the class and used as a comprehension test.
  • Use as language listening materials
    Provide quizzes for students to answer pronunciation and appropriate words based on the flow of the conversation.
  • Use as a comprehension check material in mathematics-related studies
    Based on lecture explanations, present questions and have students answer them multiple times until they get the correct answer, and provide explanations for each answer to help students consolidate their understanding.

H5P (Interactive Video) creates content like the sample video by registering “Upload/Embed Video,” “Add Interaction,” and “Summary Task.
Upload/Embed Video: Set up the video for the content.
Add Interactions: Set labels and questions (e.g., choice questions) to the video.
In the sample video, “Material List” and “Multiple Choice Quiz” are set here.
Summary Task: Set up a summary of the video in the form of questions to deepen the understanding of the video.
The “Summary” in the sample video is set here.

Setup procedure

1.Set up a content bank (for videos and quizzes)

2.Set up H5P (set up the created content in the subject)

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