02-04-01. Job Hunting Collaborations

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You can link to the job hunting site and synchronize your profile.
The job hunting site is an external service, so please take responsibility for registering an account and disclosing your information.
Click on “Content” – “Job Hunting” and you will see the following screen.

Fig: E2-4-1-1

Click on “OfferBox学生サイトはこちら”(means Click here for the OfferBox student site) to log in to OfferBox.

Fig: E2-4-1-2

Enter your ID and password in the red box, and click the Login button to log in.
Please register a new account in advance by clicking the “新規登録はこちら”(means Click here to register) button.
A Waseda email address is required to register a new account.
You can link OfferBox and MyPortfolio.
In order to link, you need to set up an access token for the linkage on the MyPortfolio side.
You need to enter the access token issued by OfferBox.

To obtain an access token for OfferBox, first login to the OfferBox student site, and then copy and paste the access token for linking that appears when you update any of the basic information.

Fig: E2-4-1-3

After updating the basic information, the following screen will be displayed.

Fig: E2-4-1-4

Next, on the MyPortfolio side, click on OfferBox.
Click the “Save” button to update the information.

Fig: E2-4-1-5

You can also synchronize your MyPortfolio profile information with your Offerbox content by select “同期”(means Sync) from the Offerbox bar and click.

Fig: E2-4-1-6

After making your selections, the synchronization screen will appear. Check only the items you want to synchronize, and then click the “同期する”(means Synchronize) button.
The items that were synchronized last time will be remembered.
Profile photos can be uploaded to “Content – Profile pictures”. Please refer to section 2-2-1 for more information about Content-Profile Pictures.

Fig: E2-4-1-7

Click on “OfferBoxで確認する”(means Check with OfferBox) and the OfferBox site will be displayed.
If the synchronization is successful, the information on the OfferBox site will be updated.

Fig: E2-4-1-8



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