03-02-02. Copy Collection

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To copy the collection, click the “Copy a collection” button.

Fig: E3-2-2-1

Click the button to go to the page or collection copy screen.

Fig: E3-2-2-2

Use the buttons to the right of the collection you want to copy.

Copy collection:

Copies the entire collection. The pages in the collection will also be copied.

Copy page:

Copies the page in the collection. This button is only displayed when the collection contains pages.

Click “Copy Collection” to open the title editing screen for the copied collection.

Fig: E3-2-2-3

The editing procedure is the same as when creating the file, so please refer to section 3-2-1.

Click “Copy Page” to open the title editing screen for the copied page.

Fig: E3-2-2-4

From here on, it is the same as creating a page, so refer to section 3-1-1.



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