(2023.8.24) Upgrade

We have upgraded moodle (4.1).

The main additions are as follows.

  • Allow students to upgrade own attendance
    If checked students will be able to upgrade their attendance for a session after they have already self-reported it.
  • Restrict availability of status(Self-marking availability)
    It gets easier to set usage limits for attendance status(Present,Late and Absent) that students make.

    【Limited】You can provide the number of minutes that the status is available after the session starts.
    【Always】The status is available for the duration of the session.
    【No】The status is not available.

  • Allow students to choose the status before session starts
    When students are making their own attendance, allow this status to be chosen before the session begins.
  • Download all submissions
    “Download all submissions” button has been added to the submission list screen.
  • Changed graph design of quiz results
    The scale of the graph that can be viewed on the quiz-taking results screen has been made finer.

Last Updated on 2023-08-01

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