01-01-01. Dashboard

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This is the first page that opens after you log in.
From here, you can create your portfolio, manage your privacy, and join groups.

Screen Introduction

The overall screen of the dashboard looks like this

Fig: E1-1-1-1


Upper part of the screen

This section describes the bar at the top of the screen.

Fig: E1-1-1-2(Line 1)

デモユーザー(means Demo User):

The name of the user who is logged in will be displayed.

Settings icon:

Configure settings related to user accounts, such as password settings.

Mail icon:

This icon shows the name of the logged-in user.

Logout icon:

You can log out from MyPortfolio.


Fig: E1-1-1-3(Line 2)


Display this dashboard.


You can check your profile.


Allows you to manage your portfolio.


You can see the groups you are a member of.


The right part of the screen

Fig: E1-1-1-4

デモユーザー(means Demo User):

This section shows the users who are logged in and the groups they are a part of.

Links and resources:

You can display manuals, contact forms, and usage notes.


Lower part of the screen

Fig: E1-1-1-5


Create a portfolio


Manage your privacy


You can join a group.

Hide information box:

Click here to hide the description (below) at the top of the screen.


Fig: E1-1-1-6

Fig: E1-1-1-7

Edit dashboard:

You can edit the contents of the dashboard.

テキスト(means Text):

If there is any text that you want to always be displayed, it will be displayed here.
It can be set in “Edit Dashboard”.

My Portfolios:

If there are any additions or updates to the page information in My Portfolio, they will be displayed here.


If there is any notification information for the user, it will be displayed here.
There are several types of notification information, and the items specified as “Inbox” in the “Settings” – “Notifications” screen will be targeted.
There are several types of notification information. For more information about “Notifications” settings, please refer to 1-4-2.

The topics that I am following:

If you are subscribed to a forum in the group, any posts or replies in the forum will be displayed here.
See also section 4-1-2 for more information on forum “email subscriptions”.



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