Let’s get to know the IT services at Waseda University!

The university provides a variety of IT services for students to use in their studies and student life.


MyWaseda is a portal site that serves as a gateway to various services provided by Waseda University. You can use MyWaseda to check announcements from the university, use Waseda Mail, register for web courses, and use Waseda Moodle, a class support system.

MyWaseda URL:https://my.waseda.jp/

Login ID and Password: Your own Waseda email address and initial password.

Waseda Moodle

Waseda Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) . Students can receive announcements from the instructor, receive course materials, submit reports and other assignments, and check their understanding through quizzes online. (Availability and type of use will vary depending on the class.

You can login from MyWaseda “Home” → “Learning Support”.


URL for the Waseda Moodle User Manual:https://www.wnpspt.waseda.jp/teacher_en/wsdmoodle/


Contents Creation Studio

Contents Creation Studio is a content creation platform that allows users to create, share, and distribute original presentation content using recorded video and PowerPoint.

MyWaseda’s global menu [Home] Service menu -> [Create Video Contents] -> [Contents Creation Studio
When Contents Creation Studio starts, click [MySpace].

Contents Creation Studio Introduction Page (Only Japanese):https://www.waseda.jp/navi/services/system/ccs.html

IT Service

If you are having trouble using your IT equipment, refer to this page first. We recommend that you bookmark this page.
This site is a portal site for IT usage consultation including not only “MyWaseda” and “Waseda Mail” for current students, but also PC usage (network usage guide, anti-virus software rental, Offi ce365 rental, etc.) and facility usage (computer room usage guide, group study facility usage guide, wireless LAN connection guide, etc.).

URL of  IT service:https://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/index.html

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud service provided by Microsoft that allows you to use the latest version of Microsoft Office. This service is available only during the period when you are enrolled in the University and are eligible to use it.

Office 365 Introduction Page:https://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/rental/soft/ms_o365.html

●All applications will be installed, but OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business will not be available.
●Once installed, the Office license will be checked once every 30 days via the Internet. If the license verification fails, the use of Office will be restricted after a certain grace period; even if the use of Office is disabled, the Word, Excel, and other files that you have already created will not be deleted.


As long as you have an Internet connection, you can store and access data in Box through a web browser or a dedicated application on your smartphone. If you download the official Box application, you can use Box on your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

*This service is available only to regular students who are still in school.
*When using the site, please refer to and comply with the terms and guidelines linked to in the following site.

Box Introduction Page:https://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/services/box/index.html


MyPortfolio is a system that allows you to “record and accumulate” your learning and awareness in your daily life, and “look back” on them to “visualize” the process of your personal growth. For example, by recording and looking back on your daily life, such as your academic achievements such as the content of your classes and the reports you submit, or your extracurricular activities such as clubs and part-time jobs, you may find new academic goals and a new image of yourself that you never thought possible. Please log in from “Student Life” in the MyWaseda global menu.

*Please read the “Notes” on the top page of MyPortfolio carefully when you use it.

Click on MyWaseda Global menu [Student Life] Service menu→ [Academic Portfolio] → [MyPortfolio].

MyPortfolio Introduction Page:https://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/services/system/myportfolio.html


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