To Students Who Will Be Graduating

This page provides information on the procedures to be completed before graduation or completion of your studies at Waseda University.
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●Schedule for Graduation
●Notes and Information on Graduation
●Useful information for after Graduation

Schedule for Graduation

Before the graduation ceremony, please read carefully the following points. For details on the schedule of graduation ceremonies, etc., please carefully check the information provided by your school/graduate school.

No TO DO Period Outline
1 Grade Announcement
  • Spring:
    Late February to early March
  • Fall:
    Late August to early September
When your grades are announced, you will be able to check your ” Results of Judgment for Graduation(Completion)” through the “Grade Report” menu on MyWaseda. You will also receive information about graduation ceremonies and other events, so be sure to check this page.

Graduation (Completion) Assessment
Check My Grades & Progress_TIPS4: Screening Results
* In some cases, such as intensive courses or courses that are held later than other courses, the grade announcement may be later than indicated on the left.
2 Career Path Determination Report ASAP All students graduating are required to submit a Career Path Determination Report to the Career Center. If you have not completed your Career Path Determination Report, you will not be able to receive your diploma, so be sure to do so in advance.

Career Path Determination Report(Shinro-hokoku)
3 Returning Books ASAP If there are any unreturned books, you will not be able to receive your diploma, so be sure to return them in advance.

Regarding the library service for the students who are graduating or completing programs in March, 2024
Regarding the library service for the students who are graduating or completing programs in September, 2023
4 Payment of Tuition fees ASAP If tuition fees are not paid, you cannot receive your diploma. If you have unpaid tuition fees, please pay them according to the instructions from the office of your school or graduate school.
5 Transcript/Certificate Issuance

*Application for the certificates related to grades and graduation (completion) will be available after 12 pm (noon) on the above date.

  • You can apply for certificates from the “Certificate Issuance (Online Application)” menu in MyWaseda, and can pick them up at convenience stores, on-campus certificate issuing machines, or by mail, or send digital certificates (PDF) online.
  • Please note that the certificate issuing machines on graduation day are expected to be crowded. If you choose “printing in school” when you apply, please try to avoid using the machine on the day of your graduation ceremony to reduce congestion.
  • *Certificate issuance fee is 300 yen per copy until the month of your graduation, and from the following month the fee is 400 yen per copy.
Certificate Request
Transcript / Academic Certificate
6 Graduation ceremony
  • Spring 2024:
    March 25 or March 26
  • Fall 2023:
    September 16
Please check the information from the office of your School/Graduate School for the schedule of the graduation ceremony.

Schedule for Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremonies
Schedule for September 2023 Graduation Ceremonies

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Notes and Information on Graduation

  • For International Students: For those who will continue job hunting after graduation or completion of their studies
    Waseda University regular students may change their status of residence from “Student” to “Designated Activities (continuation of job-hunting)” in order to continue job hunting after graduation. For more information, please check the Career Center web page.
  • Information from the Co-op
    For information on various services such as return of investment and graduation commemorative photos, please visit the Coop web page (Japanese only).
  • Information from the Alumni Affairs Section
    The Alumni Affairs Section is holding a Alumni Welcome Party (the night before the graduation ceremony) for those who will graduate or complete their studies in Spring.
  • For students who will continue their studies at Waseda University (Procedures for continuing your Waseda email address)
    If you are going to continue studying at Waseda University as a graduate school student etc., and complete the procedures for continuing to use your Waseda email address, you may not be able to use certain services and systems such as the Certificate Issuing Service, the Grade Report System, and the Work Management System for your current enrollment status. Please complete the necessary procedures for your current enrollment status before proceeding to complete procedures for continuing your Waseda email address. Please check the IT Service Navi for details.

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Useful information for after graduation

●About the use of MyWaseda after graduation

You can continue to use the Waseda email address (lifetime address) that you obtained while you were a student in Waseda University even after graduation. We recommend using your Waseda email address for issuing certificates after graduation to simplify the application process.

●Issuance of certificates after graduation

You can apply for certificates after graduation from the “Certificate Issuance Service (Online Application)” menu after logging in to MyWaseda, just as you did when you were a student. For certificates that cannot be applied for online, please apply for them by postal mail or in-person.

★For more information about other services available after graduation, please visit the Alumni Office web page.

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