To All New Students

Congratulations to all New Students on entering WASEDA University!

“Support Anywhere” is a useful website for current WASEDA University students. It provides a variety of information that will help you in your student life in an easy-to-understand manner. Please check “What’s SA?” and use this site to gather information.
This page contains the main schedule around the start of the new semester, as well as useful information for New Students. Please check it out before you enroll and use it to prepare for your future student life.
*Some links are currently only provided on the Japanese page. Sorry.

●Schedule for the start of classes
●Useful information for new students (Important)

Schedule for the start of classes

Classes will start after academic guidance and course registration by each School or Graduate School, and the Entrance Ceremony. The following is a summary of the main schedule before and after the start of the new semester so that you can start classes smoothly. The schedule and contents of each event vary depending on the School/Graduate School, so please check the information provided by the School/Graduate School you are enrolled in carefully.

No Events Period Outline
1 Participation in pre-entrance guidance
  • Spring:
    Mid to late March
  • Fall:
    Early to mid-September
Each School and Graduate School will provide academic guidance and course registration guidance for New Students. The date and method of the guidance differ depending on the School or Graduate School. Be sure to check the information provided by the School or Graduate School to which you will be enrolled and be sure to attend.
2 Obtaining the “Waseda Mail address”
  • Spring:
    Late March
  • Fall:
    Early to mid-September
In order to register for courses, you need to obtain a Waseda Mail address, which you can obtain by following the “Initial Waseda ID Confirmation” screen displayed on the Web Enrollment Procedures System.

Use of MyWaseda for New Students(Information Technology Service Navigation)
3 Attend Required Seminar for All New Students
  • Spring:
    Early to late April
  • Fall:
    Late September to mid-October
All New Students are required to attend and pass the “Required Seminar for All New Students” in order to properly use the information system provided by Waseda University, including PC, Internet, and e-mail.
If you fail to attend the seminar and pass the test within the period, your Waseda ID and Waseda Mail address will be suspended and you may not be able to use various services such as MyWaseda.

Required Seminar for All New Students(GEC)
4 Course Registration (Web Course Registration)
  • Spring:
    Late March to mid-April
  • Fall:
    Mid-September to mid-October
The course registration schedule and rules vary by School and Graduate School, so please check the course registration guide for details.

Course Registration Schedule
Class Information(Study Guide, Coure Registration Guide, etc.)
Course Registration Procedure
5 Entrance Ceremony
  • Spring 2024:
    April 1 or April 2
    *Date and time vary depending on School/Graduate School*
  • Fall 2024:
    Late September
    *To be announced*
Please check the information provided by the School or Graduate School for the schedule and method of holding the Entrance Ceremony.
You will receive your student ID card on or after April 1, but the method of receiving your student ID card differs depending on the School or Graduate School.

Schedule for Spring 2024 entrance ceremonies
Schedule for Autumn 2023 entrance ceremonies (TBA)
6 Beginning of the Class
  • Spring 2024:
    April 12
  • Fall 2024:
    October 4
The class will start. Regardless of whether the class is face-to-face or online, Waseda Moodle is used to submit assignments, check attendance, etc.

Academic Calendar and class time
Waseda Moodle
Before taking an online class (Things to prepare before class)
7 Health Check-up Around April every year
*All regular students are eligible
The Student Regular Health Check-up is conducted in April. All regular students at Waseda University are required to take the Health Check-up every year.
*You will need to apply for the Check-up at the end of March after obtaining your Waseda Mail address.

Health Check-up(Health Support Center)

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Useful information for new students (Important)

We have picked up some information that will be especially helpful to New Students.
In addition to the information below, please use Support Anywhere to help you gather more information.

●General Campus Information

Maps of each campus and information about each facility are available.
Please also check the campus tour site and video below.
Experience Virtual Tour of Waseda Campus
Waseda University Introduction Movie

●Notes on Student Life

There are precautions for student life. Please be sure to read them before enrolling.

●Talk Anywhere -Counseling service by Waseda University students for Waseda University students-

Student staff working at the Waseda Portal Office will provide support for consultation and information gathering on questions, problems, and academic concerns related to student life.

●Waseda Weekly

WasedaWeekly is a web magazine published by the Student Affairs Section. It contains articles about lectures, students, teachers, and so on. Be sure to check out the commemorative issue (released on April 1), which is full of information for freshers (only in Japanese).

●For first-time library users

This is a guide on how to use the library. Please check the library website for up-to-date information, including library hours.


MyPortfolio is a system that provides a comprehensive and sweeping view of university life by enabling the student to look back on his or her record and visualize their personal growth. Let’s start by registering your profile.

●Support for International Students

The Center for International Education provides a variety of support services for international students. If you are an international student, be sure to attend the orientation for new students held by the Center for International Education.

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