• Link to the “For Current Students” page on the School / Graduate School website
    In addition to Support Anywhere, we provide various information for current students on our School / Graduate School websites.
  • “For Parents & Guardians” on Waseda University Website
    Waseda University website provides various information for parents and guardians.
  • Learn Anywhere
    You will find information that will help you prepare for and take online classes.
  • My Waseda
    MyWaseda is a portal site that serves as a gateway to various services provided by Waseda University. You can use MyWaseda to check announcements from the university, use Waseda Mail, register for web courses, and use Waseda Moodle, a class support system.
  • Waseda Moodle
    Waseda Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) at Waseda. Students can receive announcements from the instructor, receive course materials, submit reports and other assignments, and check their understanding through quizzes online.
  • Information Technology Service Navigation
    If you are having trouble using “MyWaseda”, “Waseda Mail”, and your IT equipment, refer to this page first.
  • Waseda Weekly
    Web magazine published by the Student Affairs Section to support Waseda University students. We provide a variety of useful information and reading material for Waseda University students. We are also sending out information on various SNS!