05_Academic Support

Waseda University provide the following support services to help students systematically obtain grades and detect poor performance early.The details of these programs vary depending on each School/Graduate School, so we will introduce the basic system and concept here.

Sending Grade Report to Guardians

Each School notifies your Guardian by mail of the grades you have earned for the previous year. After the grade announcement at the end of the semester, students are encouraged to share the status of their academic achievements with guardians on a regular basis. If you have any questions about your graduation plan, please consult with the office of your School as soon as possible.

*Eligibility and timing of sending varies depending on each School.
*Please note that the delivery may be delayed due to circumstances.
*If there is any change in the Guardian’s information, be sure to notify the office of your School/Graduate School.

Sample Grade Report


*This format may differ depending on the School/Graduate School you belong to.

Support for Underachieving Students

Each School notifies and supports underachieving students based on certain criteria for identifying underachievement. In some cases, students are required to submit a statement of reasons and meet with the class teacher or the Associate Dean, so be sure to check the emails from the office of your School. If you need support, please contact your the school office as soon as possible so that the university can take appropriate and immediate actions.
*Definition of underachievement differs depending on the School/Graduate School you belong to.
*(Examples: Less than 10 credits earned in the first year, less than 10 credits in two consecutive years, less than the standard number of credits earned in each academic year, etc.)

Other Support

Waseda University has a support system to help you with any problems you may have during your campus life. Please refer to the following for information on the counseling services for various problems.

Consultations for students(Student Affairs Section)
Support for Japanese Language Study, etc.(CJL)

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