03_Credit Transfer

In addition to obtaining credits for taking regular courses, students may also receive credits for studying abroad or participating in various programs. The criteria and handling of credits vary depending on each School/Graduate School, so we will introduce the basic system and concept here.

●Credit Transfer for Study Abroad
●Credit Transfer for domestic student exchange
●Credit Transfer in Graduate School
●Credit Transfer in other cases

Credit Transfer for Study Abroad

Credits obtained at the host institution can be transferred as the required credits for degree completion only if approved by the School/Graduate School to which the student belongs.
*Please note that the handling of short-term study abroad programs differs according to each School/Graduate School.

Types of Study Abroad

If you wish to study abroad while you are enrolled in Waseda University, study abroad programs can be broadly classified into the following categories, which differ in terms of academic registration, tuition fees, and transfer credits. If you are considering studying abroad, please check with the office of your School/Graduate School regarding the handling of each program in advance.

  • Programs offered by Center for International Education (CIE)
    Exchange Programs-Regular Academic Programs (EX-R), Exchange Programs- Language Focused Programs(EX-L), Customized Study Programs- Regular Academic Programs(CS-R),Customized Study Programs- Language Focused programs(CS-L) Double Degree Programs (DD)、Short-Term Program (CIE offered), etc.
  • Departmental Exchange Programs
    Aside from the programs offered by the CIE, some undergraduate and graduate schools conduct exchange programs of their own under agreements with overseas partner universities. Please contact your School/Graduate School office for details.
  • Study Abroad at your own expense
    The program which you will need to look for a university and organize your study abroad on your own.

*In the case of Study abroad at your own expense, credit transfer fee may be charged.
*Depending on the type of study abroad program, the period of study abroad may not be counted as “the years of study at Waseda University” without credit transfer, which may affect your graduation(Completion) date. Please check with the office of your School/Graduate School for details.

Credit Transfer Procedures

After returning from your study abroad, submit the required documents as instructed by your School/Graduate School (Application for Returning Students, transcripts from host institution, academic calendar of host institution, documents for applying for credit transfer, syllabus of courses for which you wish to apply for credit transfer, etc.) as soon as possible.

*If you do not apply for credit transfer by the designated date, it may affect your tuition and course registration for the next semester.
*If there are documents that can only be obtained at host institution, make sure to obtain them before returning Japan.

Specifications for Credit Transfer

Each School/Graduate School handles credit transfer procedure differently. For details, please contact the office of your School/Graduate School.


  • Criteria for acceptance or rejection of each course
  • Notation of course titles on transcripts
  • How to calculate the number of credits
  • Grades for credit transferred courses
  • Whether or not it will be reflected to the GPA, etc.

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Credit Transfer for domestic student exchange

Waseda University has established an undergraduate student exchange system with Doshisha University and other universities to provide domestic exchange programs. Please contact the office of the School/Graduate School you belong to for information on how to handle credits for participating in this program.

University Consortium(GEC)

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Credit Transfer in Graduate School

At graduate schools, credits obtained as a non-degree student or credits obtained at graduate schools in other universities may be approved as required credits for degree completion. In some cases, the undergraduate school itself has a system that allows students to take graduate school courses ahead of time. Each graduate school handles this differently, so please contact the office of your graduate school for details.

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Credit Transfer in other cases

Credits earned through the Auditing Opportunities for High School Students or the Pre-Matriculation Program for Incoming Students before entering the undergraduate school may be counted as number of credits counted toward degree required credits after admission. For more information, please contact the office of your School.

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