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Waseda University Library is one of the extensive private university libraries in Japan, holes over 6 million volumes, consists of over 20 libraries including Central Library, Campus Libraries (Toyama Library, Science and Engineering Library, Tokorozawa Library, and S. Takata Memorial Research Library), School Libraries, and Student Reading Rooms. Each campus library has an extensive collection of books that match the characteristics of each campus. The Toyama Library, with over 490,000 volumes, holds a large collection of books and magazines related to the humanities such as literature, history, and psychology. You can use the Science and Engineering Library for science books and the Tokorozawa Library for psychology, medicine, sports, etc.

The library is not just a place to browse books. You can use the library as a place for self-study with teaching materials, group study of classes and seminars, and interaction with faculty members.

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Introduction Video of Waseda University Library.
Japanese Version (approx. 10 min)
English “short” Version (approx. 5 min)

Information on Major Libraries

Library Central Library Toyama Library
Location Waseda Campus Building No.18 Toyama Campus Building No.38
Phone number 03‒3203‒5581 03‒5286‒3528
Library Science and Engineering Library Tokorozawa Library
Location Nishiwaseda Campus Building No.51 B1F, B2F Tokorozawa Campus Building No.100, 4F
Phone number 03‒5286‒3889 04‒2947‒6705

※Please check the website for the library hours and information on the student library.

  • You will need your student ID card to use library services such as entry procedures and borrowing books. Please do not forget to bring it with you.
  • Undergraduate students can borrow up to 15 materials, and graduate students can borrow up to 30 materials. Materials borrowed from the Central Library, Campus Libraries, and Student Reading Rooms can be returned to libraries other than the one where they were checked out.

Online Requests

You can apply for various types of requests through MyWaseda.

  • Online reference (consultation on how to find materials, search tools, etc.)
  • Issuance of a letter of introduction (necessary when visiting non-Waseda libraries)
  • Request for ILL (Interlibrary loans from on-campus and off-campus libraries)
  • Request to purchase books

WINE:A database for finding out about the holdings of academic materials and how to obtain them.

  • Library Catalog:Search the library’s collection of materials and e-resources by title, keyword, author, etc.
  • Borrowing/Reservation Confirmation, Loan Extension: You can check the books you have borrowed or on hold, and renew the due date.
  • Reserving books:You can reserve or order books from the search results.
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Library Quick Guide(PDF)
How to use electronic materials and databases from off-campus
Research NAVI
Guides & Tutorials
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