Residence Life Center

Features of the Residence Life Center

The Residence Life Center offers various types of dormitories to suit the lifestyles of students who wish to live in them, including dormitories directly operated by the university as well as dormitories for Waseda University students operated by companies with extensive experience in dormitory management.

Students from all over Japan and the world live together in each dormitory, and through the dormitory’s programs (WISH only) and events, they are able to build interpersonal relationships that transcend departmental boundaries and achieve personal growth. Please click here for the information on dormitories and please click here for the information on housing.

Waseda International Student House (WISH)

At the Waseda International Student Dormitory (WISH), which is the largest dormitory directly managed by the university, all students are required to participate in the Social Intelligence (SI) Programs, which allow them to develop creative problem-solving and communication skills. In addition, Resident Assistants (RAs) support students in their daily life, studies, and extracurricular activities in the dormitory.

RAs are also available in some dormitories other than the Waseda International Student Dormitory WISH; please click here to see which dormitories have RAs.


Phone number: 03‒3203‒2634
Location: :1F, Building 30 (Student Hall), Toyama Campus
※Please check the website for the opening hours.

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