01_Withdrawal and Re-admission

If you are voluntarily withdrawing from the university, you must sign the application jointly with your guardian.
*The details of the procedure differ depending on the School/Graduate School. Please make sure to check the information of your School/Graduate School.

●Withdrawal Procedures
●Deadline for submitting Request of Withdrawal and tuition fees
●Administrative Withdrawal
●Notes on Withdrawal

Withdrawal Procedures

In order to apply for voluntary withdrawal, you need to pick up the designated “Application for Withdrawal” from the office of your School/Graduate School and submit it to the office jointly with your guardian (some Schools/Graduate Schools provide the “Application for Withdrawal” on their website). After submitting the “Application for Withdrawal”, if your withdrawal is officially approved by the Faculty Committee, your School/Graduate School will issue a Notification of Withdrawal Approval  to your guardian. If your withdrawal is approved by the Faculty Committee and the date of withdrawal has passed, you will be able to obtain a Certificate of Withdrawal. A Certificate of Withdrawal cannot be issued prior to the date of withdrawal.

  • A guardian is a person who is in a position to provide guidance and support to the student in cooperation with the university, in order for the student to carry out his/her academic and research activities smoothly. Guardian refers to the person who is registered as a “guardian” in MyWaseda.
  • You will need to return your student ID card when you submit the “Application for Withdrawal”. Please check the website of your School/Graduate School for other required documents.
  • Some Schools/Graduate Schools require the signature and seal of your Supervisors or Class Academic Advisor on the “Application for Withdrawal”.
  • Depending on the School/Graduate School, you may have an interview with the Associate Dean, your Supervisor, or your Class Academic Advisor. Please check the website of the School/Graduate School you belong to for information on how to conduct the interview.

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Deadline for submitting Request of Withdrawal and tuition fees

Even if you withdraw from the university, you must pay the full amount of tuition for the semester in question if you apply after the specified date for each semester.
The following table shows the date of withdrawal according to the date of application and the handling of tuition and other fees. Please make sure to complete the procedures well in advance of the deadline.

Date of application Spring Semester Fall Semester
April 1 to April 14 April 15 to September 20 September 21 to September 30 October 1 to March 31(following year)
Date of Withdrawal March 31 (previous fiscal year) Application date or September 20 September 20 Application date or March 31
Handling of Tuition and Fees for the Semester No payment required Payment required No payment required Payment required
  • If the due date falls on a day when the office is closed, please submit the application by the immediately preceding day when the office is open.
  • Depending on when your withdrawal is approved, your tuition may be deducted once, even if you do not have to pay. In that case, the difference will be refunded to your tuition deduction account at a later date. Please note that it may take several months for the refund.
  • If the date of application is on a date when you have to pay for the tuition, and tuition for the semester is not paid, the student will be Removal from the school register due to non-payment of school fees.

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Administrative Withdrawal

In the following cases, the student will be Administrative Withdrawal after discussion by the Faculty Committee.

  • Cases where the prescribed years of school are over (Withdrawal due to the prescribed years of school are over).
  • Cases where research guidance is over (in the case of doctoral program).
    If you have been enrolled in a doctoral course or an integrated doctoral course for more than three years and your supervisor judges that your research guidance has been completed, you will be withdrawn from the course due to the completion of research guidance. In this case, the student may submit the doctoral dissertation and take the examination only within three years from the date of withdrawal.
  • Cases where the period of time required to fulfill the requirements for advancing from one academic year to the next, as determined by each School/Graduate School, has passed.
  • Cases where the attendance criterion established by each School/Graduate School has not been met, without justifiable reason.
  • Cases where the required number of credits within the prescribed period established by each School/Graduate School has not been fulfilled, due to neglect of studies.
  • Cases where the tuition and fees have not been paid.
    If you do not pay the tuition fee by the due date set by the university, you will be removed from the school register due to non-payment of school fee according to the school regulations. Please check here for details.

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Notes on Withdrawal

  • Status of Residence
    If an international student enrolled with a “College Student” status of residence withdraws from the university, the current “College Student” status of residence will expire. Please note that you will need to return to your home country or obtain another status of residence after leaving the university. If you have any questions about your status of residence, please contact the Center for International Education.
  • Tuition and Fees Withdrawal Account
    If you are paying your tuition fees by direct debit, please check with your financial institution to see if there are any procedures you need to follow so that the university will not debit your account in the future. There is no need to submit a copy to the university even if there is a procedure.
  • For Students Receiving Scholarships
    If you are a scholarship recipient and wish to withdraw from the university, you may need to follow some procedures. Please make sure to check with the office of your School/Graduate School in advance.

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Students who have been withdrawn for valid reasons or for non-payment of tuition fees may apply for re-admission within 7 years for undergraduate programs, 4 years for master’s programs and professional degree programs (excluding the Law School), and 5 years for doctoral programs, integrated doctoral programs, and the Law School, counting from the year following the year of withdrawal. Re-admission is determined by the screening process. The decision on whether or not to re-admit will be made by the Faculty Committee after selection. The method and timing of application differs depending on the School/Graduate School, so please contact the office of the School/Graduate School to which you belong as soon as possible if you wish to be re-admitted.

  • The date of re-admission will be April 1 or September 21.
  • Students are not allowed to readmit in the semester following the one in which they withdrew.

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