Seminar House

Seminar House is a residential facility where students and faculty members can deepen their understanding and trust through intensive classes, seminars, and extracurricular activities while living together. Please make use of this facility for the formation of rich human resources.


Each seminar house is equipped with computers and projectors for internet access, providing a good learning environment. Each seminar house is equipped with a computer with Internet access and a projector to provide a good learning environment. In addition, please follow the instructions of the janitor at the seminar house and keep to the set living hours. As a rule, everything you can do by yourself, such as cleaning and tidying up, is self-service. Ancillary facilities and exercise facilities vary depending on the seminar house. Check the Student Affairs Section Web site and choose the facility that best suits your purpose.

Usage Guide

Reservations are accepted through MyWaseda, and in principle, anyone who is a student, faculty or staff member of Waseda University can use the facilities. Please check the Student Affairs Section Web site for procedures for use. If you wish to have a meal when you make your reservation, you will be charged for the meal in addition to the accommodation fee. There are also separate fees for the use of some of the exercise facilities.

Accidents during use

Accidents that occur during regular classes or extracurricular activities at the Seminar House will be covered by the Waseda University Student Compensation System (Compensation for Injury). In order to apply for the Student Accident Compensation Plan, the information in the “List of Seminar House Guests” is required, so please make sure you have filled out all the necessary information. Please note that accidents during free activities other than regular classes and extracurricular activities will not be covered.


Phone number: 03‒3203‒4341
Location: Counter:Counter No. 2 on the 1st floor of Building 30 (Student Hall), Toyama Campus
※Please check the website for opening hours.

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