Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

Features of Accessibility Resource Center

In accordance with the “Basic principles of Waseda University in relation to the support of students with disabilities”, Waseda University provides academic accommodation (reasonable accommodation) as necessary to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to learning opportunities with other students.

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) provides necessary coordination and resources to ensure the smooth implementation of reasonable accommodations for the purpose of receiving education at Waseda University and engages in efforts to raise awareness across the university to further support equal participation in learning (ensuring “accessibility”) to students with disabilities.


ARC is looking for volunteers to support students with disabilities. For more information, please check out the video (created by students for the 2024 freshman guidance, Japanese) and flyer (Japanese)

Left photo: End-of-semester exchange meeting, Right photo: Mobility support on campus


  • Department of Physical Disabilities

Phone number: 03‒5286‒3747
Location:Building No.3, 1F #110, Waseda Campus
※Please check the website for opening hours.

  • Department of Mental/Developmental Disorders

Phone number: 03‒3208‒0587
Location: Building No.19, 1F #102-10, Waseda Campus
※Please check the website for the opening hours.

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