Writing Center(GEC)

Features of the Writing Center

The Writing Center offers tutoring sessions for academic writing, free of charge, available both online and on campus. Through a 45-minute, one-on-one conversation with a tutor, you can work on improving your paper and your writing process. Tutors are graduate students who are trained in writing instruction. Feel free to come to us at any stage of writing, from before you begin to after you finish a draft. We welcome papers written in both Japanese and in English. For more details, please check the website.

Waseda Campus(Building 3, 2nd Floor)

Nishi-Waseda Campus Branch

Tokorozawa Campus Branch

How to make a reservation

Please check our website for updates.

Types of Sessions

There are five types of sessions. Choose the one you want when you make a reservation.

  • EE:English text → English discussion
  • EJ:English text → Japanese discussion
  • JJ:Japanese text → Japanese discussion
  • JS:Japanese text → Japanese discussion with a Japanese language specialist in Japanese grammar
  • CW:creative writing texts in English (novels, poetry, etc.) → English discussion
Additional types of sessions may be added depending on the language background of the tutors.

Left photo: Face-to-face session (conducted with countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection), Right photo: Online session


Phone number:03‒3204‒9052
Location: Building 3, 2nd Floor (Waseda Campus); Building 60, Room 201(Nishi-Waseda Campus Branch)
Web site:https://www.waseda.jp/inst/aw/en/
※Please check the website for the opening hours.

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