Center for Japanese Language

Features of the Center for Japanese Language (CJL)

The Center for Japanese Language (CJL) offers eight levels of Japanese language courses for international students enrolled in Waseda University’s undergraduate and graduate schools, and students who belong to the CJL. Students can take courses according to their Japanese language ability. If you wish to take a course, please refer to the website of CJL and follow the prescribed procedures.

For Japanese language courses, students can consult with assistants and assistant professors of CJL at the Consultation Room for Japanese Course Registration, which will be opened during the course registration period. Please note that this service is only available for consultations regarding course content. If you need advice on how to study Japanese, please use the following website: “Waseda Nihongo Support”.

Features of the Waseda Nihongo Support

The “Waseda Nihongo Support” provides support for international students at Waseda University so that they can study Japanese independently. In order to support international students in their Japanese language studies and student life using Japanese, graduate student staff members provide one-on-one advising sessions on Japanese language study. The contents of support are as follows:

  • Consultations about Learning Japanese
  • Questions about Japanese
  • Providing Resources for Learning Japanese
  • Running Japanese Learning Events
  • Cooperation with Organizations in Waseda University

We look forward to working with you to improve your Japanese language skills.


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