Health Support Center

Features of the Health Support Center

The Health Support Center helps students lead a healthy student life and acquire the ability to self-manage their physical and mental health throughout their lives.

The Health Support Center has three departments, namely, Student Counseling department, Health-Care department, and Medical department. The Student Counseling department provides consultation on all aspects of student life. The Health-Care department provides health counseling and regular health check-ups for students. The Medical Department provides medical treatment by doctors of internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine, and psychiatry (the medical treatment is partially covered by one’s health insurance).

Please note that the opening times and dates are subject to change. Check the website for latest information on holidays, opening hours, and details of each branch office.

Our pamphlet is also available.

Information on the Health Support Center

Building 25

1F Health-Care Room (tel: 03‒5286‒9800)

The Health-Care Room provides health counseling, aftercare service of health checkups, medical examinations, hospital referrals, and issuance of Certificate of Health Check-up. You can measure blood pressure, height, weight, and body fat etc.

Building 25-2

2F Reception

This is where you first visit for receiving medical treatment. Check in at the counter if you wish to use the Medical Examination and treatment room on the 3rd floor or the Psychiatric services room on the 5th floor.

3F Medical Examination and Treatment Room (tel: 03‒5286‒3984)

Medical treatment by Internal medicine and psychosomatic physicians (by appointment only) are available.

4F Clinical Laboratory

According to the doctor’s instruction, laboratory tests shall be done to assist medical examination and treatment.

5F Psychiatric Services Room (tel: 03-5286-8743)

Medical treatment by a psychiatrist (mental health designated doctor) is available (by appointment only).

6F Student Counseling Room (tel: 03-3203-4449)

The Student Counseling Room is available to help students with any problems they may have in their daily lives. Counseling by psychologists (clinical psychologists) and legal counseling by lawyers are available. Consultations are free of charge and your privacy is protected. Please feel free to call us. (Priority given to those with reservations)
※The Student Counseling Room is also available at Toyama, Nishiwaseda, and Tokorozawa campuses.

Below is the information slide prepared by Dr. ISHII, Terumi (psychiatrist) at the Health Support Center.
Mental Health of University Students
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