ICC (Intercultural Communication Center)

Features of ICC (Intercultural Communication Center)

The ICC is a place for intercultural exchange between students with different cultural backgrounds. We organize around 200 events, with some 10,000 Waseda students participating each year.

Most ICC events are proposed and put on by ICC student staff, creating a rich diversity of programs developed from a student’s perspective. If you feel that intercultural exchange is a high hurdle, try casual “café” events, sports or field trips. If you want to improve your language skills, join a language lunch program or chat club. To expand your global perspective, there are lectures by famous guest speakers. To go deeper into other cultures, there are outreach programs (teaching about other cultures at local schools) and multi-day camp events too. There is a great variety beyond these, so you’re sure to find events that spark your interest!

Check the ICC website for more information, and come see us at the Lounge!

Left, Center: At our events   Right: Student staffers are here for you


Please see our 90-second video (@YouTube) about ICC and its events.


Phone: 03‒5286‒3990
Location: Building 3 Room 111, Waseda Campus (Office & Lounge)
※Please check the website for hours.
Web site: https://www.waseda.jp/inst/icc/en/

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