Center for International Education

Features of the Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) provides support for Waseda University students studying abroad and accepts international students.

Study Abroad Support for Waseda University Students

For students who wish to study abroad, the Center provides individual counseling at the Waseda Global Gate on the first floor of Building 22, and proposes study abroad programs that match their goals and language ability. After students have been selected through an internal screening process, each student is assigned a person in charge who will follow up with them during their study abroad and after they return home. In addition, students who have studied abroad before are available for consultations, and students can refer to senior students’ experiences. For more information on types of study abroad programs and procedures, please check the Study Abroad page (Japanese page).

In addition, the Center for International Education offers TOEFL (Writing/Speaking) preparation courses for a fee. We provide practical support to help you meet the language requirements for study abroad.

Location Phone number Web site
Waseda Campus Building No.22, 1st Floor 03-3208-9602 Center for International Education

※Please check the website for the opening hours.

Support for International Students from Abroad

We have a full support system for international students who come to Japan. Visit us if you have any problems in your daily life, such as visa and residence status procedures (Japanese page), use of the tutor system, etc. This counter is located on the 4th floor of Building 22 at the Center for International Education.

Location Phone number Web site
Waseda Campus Building No.22, 4th Floor 03-3207-1454 Support for International Students(CIE)

※Please check the website for the opening hours.

Reference 1
The Student Study Abroad Advisors, a student volunteer group affiliated with the Center for International Education, supports students from Waseda University who want to study abroad. You can check their activities on Youtube (Japanese) .
Reference 2
Students who do not have Japanese nationality and do not have a status of residence such as “permanent resident” or “family stay” need to obtain a “College Student” status of residence. Please check the “Status of Residence” (Japanese page) for details on the procedures to obtain this status.
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