Waseda Shogekijo Dramakan Theater

Features of the Waseda Shogekijo Dramakan Theater

Waseda Shogekijo Dramakan Theater (hereinafter referred to as Dramakan) is a small theater on South Gate Street operated by Waseda University. The name of the theater comes from “Waseda Shogekijo,” which was the base of the small theater movement in the 1960s and 1970s, and “Waseda Dramakan,” which was later operated by Mr. Sumio Morishiri, the representative of “Theater company Ryusei-sha”.

There are few examples of university-run theater facilities for students and professional theater companies in Japan, and the fact that students play a central role in its operation is a unique feature. Based on Waseda University’s long history of theater research and its track record of producing numerous theater practitioners, the theater aims to create new value with students who will lead the next generation, and to become a theater that is open from the university to the community and society.

Events held at Dramakan

  • Independent performances by authorized circles

There are more than 10 officially recognized theater circles at Waseda University, and many students are involved in theater activities. The Dramakan is used not only as a place to hold theater performances on campus, but also as a place where circles of various genres such as comedy, rakugo, musicals, and movies can present their activities. In addition, students of the university can use Dramakan even if they do not belong to a circle, as long as they meet the conditions for use. For more information, please contact us at the email address below.

  • Student participation projects and invited performances

The Dramakan Production Department (= Dramakan student staff) and other staff members plan and produce events for students and the general public.

  • Workshops and technical staff training sessions

Workshops are held for Waseda University students and students who belong to Waseda University clubs, inviting current students and professional performers from outside the university. We will plan workshops as needed to provide hints for writing, performing, and creating. We also regularly plan workshops for technical staff, mainly on lighting techniques, stage design, and theatrical performance production.


Phone number:03‒5272‒4783
E-mail address:dramakan@list.waseda.jp
Location:: Building 27-9, Waseda Campus
Opening hours:Open only when performances and events are held. Please check the website for details.
Web site (Japanese):https://www.waseda.jp/culture/dramakan/

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