Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA)

●Features of Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA)
●Waseda University Alumni Association’s Festival “Tomonsai”
●Let’s discuss with our seniors!
●Pre-expatriation/pre-study abroad consultation
●Waseda Card Students
●About Alumni Membership Fee

Features of Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA)

WUAA was established in 1885 to strengthen ties between alumni (graduates), between alumni and the university, and to support university projects. Currently, there are approximately 680,000 members, divided into chapters by prefecture and “Tomonkai,” which are organized by occupation and graduation year. The activities of WUAA are supported by membership fee, most of which are used to support the alma mater and current students.
Specifically, a large part of the budget is used for scholarships, alumni-led “Alumni Association Support Lectures,” “100 Yen Breakfast” to encourage healthy eating habits among students, and financial support for the renovation and expansion of campus facilities. We also provide support for the establishment of the “Annual Tomonkai”. The connections you make with your fellow students will be a lifelong asset, so we encourage you to deepen your relationships with them.

Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA)

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Waseda University Alumni Association’s Festival “Tomonsai”

Once a year, WUAA holds the “Tomonsai,” a festival for alumni. On the same day, many current students and alumni attend the Homecoming Day Commemoration Ceremony, where they are invited to celebrate their 15th, 25th, 35th, 45th, and 50th year of graduation.
There is also a symposium by prominent alumni and a lucky draw, which is very popular every year. All proceeds from Tomonsai, including the sale of souvenirs, are used to support current students by providing scholarships that do not require repayment.

Waseda University Alumni Association’s Festival “Tomonsai” (only in Japanese)

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Let’s discuss with our seniors!

Let’s discuss with Seniors! is an event hosted by the Alumni Association where current students and young alumni can interact with each other and feel free to ask questions about job hunting and higher education. This is a valuable opportunity for students and alumni to interact with each other.

Let’s discuss with our seniors! (only in Japanese)

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Pre-expatriation/pre-study abroad consultation

Current students and alumni preparing for overseas assignments or study abroad can receive lectures on local living and business environments and consult with volunteer alumni living in the destination country about any concerns they may have free of charge online. This service is offered in cooperation with about 70 “Tomonkai” around the world. We hope you will take advantage of this service.

Pre-expatriation/pre-study abroad consultation (only in Japanese)

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Waseda Card Students

“Waseda Card Students” is a card for all students attending Waseda University. As a credit card and a membership card of the Co-op, the card provides a wide range of daily convenience, not only for off-campus use, but also for on-campus use, from a pen to the cafeteria, textbooks, and driving schools.
In today’s society, credit cards are widely used in everyday life. By using credit cards while at Waseda University, you will acquire the correct consumer knowledge and experience so that you can use credit cards as a wise consumer after graduation.
Since many students enrolling at Waseda University will be using a credit card for the first time, we have set a low credit limit while enrolled at Waseda University.
In addition, the card offers a full range of travel insurance features, including travel accident insurance. The reliable “Waseda Card Students” is a must-have for students when studying abroad and for cross-cultural experiences when traveling abroad. Please make good use of “Waseda Card Students” and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant student life.
After graduation, the card will be automatically converted to “Waseda Card Alumni”, a “second student ID card”, allowing you to continue to use your Waseda Card as an entrance pass to the library.

Waseda Card Students (only in Japanese)

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About Alumni Membership Fee

Graduates of Waseda University become full members as soon as they graduate from the university. Undergraduate and graduate students* are required to pay Alumni Association fees of 40,000 yen (discounted for multiple years) for 10 years after graduation, along with tuition for the final year and semester of the standard course of study, based on the consent of the guardian at the time of admission.
*For graduate students enrolled in master’s or professional degree programs (excluding transfer students) from other universities in the 2018 academic year or later, payment of the multi-year alumni membership fee is required.

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Phone number:03‒3202‒8040
Location:1F, Building No.20, Waseda Campus
Web site:https://www.wasedaalumni.jp/e#s
※Please check the website for the opening hours.

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