Waseda Card Students

About Waseda Card Students

“Waseda Card Students” is a card for all students attending Waseda University. As a credit card and a membership card of the Co-op, the card provides a wide range of daily convenience, not only for off-campus use, but also for on-campus use, from a pen to the cafeteria, textbooks, and driving schools.
In today’s society, credit cards are widely used in everyday life. By using credit cards while at Waseda University, you will acquire the correct consumer knowledge and experience so that you can use credit cards as a wise consumer after graduation.
Since many students enrolling at Waseda University will be using a credit card for the first time, we have set a low credit limit and waived the annual membership fee while enrolled at Waseda University.
In addition, the card offers a full range of travel insurance features, including travel accident insurance. The reliable “Waseda Card Students” is a must-have for students when studying abroad and for cross-cultural experiences when traveling abroad. Please make good use of “Waseda Card Students” and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant student life.
After graduation, the card will be automatically converted to “Waseda Card Alumni”, a “second student ID card”, allowing you to continue to use your Waseda Card and receive library access and other services.

Waseda Card Students (only in Japanese)
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