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The first thing I want to tell you is that student life is not just about finding a job. Student life is an important period for building your “foundation” for the future that lies beyond employment. What makes that foundation solid is the “intellect” that is nurtured based on undergraduate education and the “sensibility” that is fostered through encounters with various values.
The “Design your future” web page is a place where you can ask yourself, “What kind of person do I want to be in the future?

The Design your future web page provides information on events and programs that will help you think about your future and give you opportunities to grow. If in doubt, give it a try! and actively participate in these events and programs.
Take your first steps on our campus, where students from diverse backgrounds gather!

●Participate in an event
●Join a program
●Participate in university administration as a student staff member

Participate in an event

Encountering Diversity
Waseda University’s campus offers a wide range of places where you can meet diverse people and grow. The possibilities are endless as to which places and with whom you can connect and what kind of stimulation and learning you can gain. As a first step toward meeting invaluable friends, try participating in events that interest you! Many events are run by students.
The Morino Bulletin Board (Waseda Weekly) provides students with information on events at the university. Please check it out as it will also contain information on the “Extracurricular Activities Program” and “Student Career Advisor(SCA)”.

Join a program

Understanding Diversity
The most enriching aspect of your student life is a group of people with whom you can talk honestly. Check the “Design your future” webpage for detailed information on programs and workshops that interest you, and take the plunge! Some programs and workshops have fixed application deadlines, and others may require you to coordinate your coursework with your class schedule. Please reflect on what you felt and thought through your participation in the program/workshop. By writing down and organizing specific details about what you found challenging and what issues you faced, you will be able to identify your strengths and interests. The repetition of challenges and looking back will help you grow a lot.

Business Collaboration Workshop (BCW)
Community Collaboration Workshop (CCW)
Waseda Volunteer Project (WaboPro)

Participate in university administration as a student staff member

Working Together in Diversity
The “Design your future” webpage also introduces student staff and volunteers who work together with their peers for the benefit of others and society. The process of coming up with ideas and giving shape to a project with fellow students is fun and stimulating, and you can learn a lot from it, such as respecting each other’s opinions and not being afraid to make mistakes. Through these activities, students will acquire the skills needed in society, such as the ability to think and act independently and the ability to communicate effectively.

Kouhai Navi
Cultural Promotion Student Advisor
Campus Tour Guide
Student Study Abroad Advisors
Student Involvement Job Center (SJC) Student Staff
Student Early Health Committee
ICC Student Staff Leader
Volunteers to Support Students with Disabilities
Student Career Volunteers (SCV)
Student Career Advisors (SCA)
WAVOC Student Leaders

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