Waseda Culture (Waseda University Cultural Events)

The Cultural Planning Section of Waseda University holds various events related to Waseda culture throughout the year. Here, we will introduce some of the recommended cultural events for Waseda University students.

Meet at the Museum! “Museum Week” in May

“Museum Week” is a series of cultural events held in May featuring Waseda University’s museums and cultural resources. You can deepen your cultural knowledge while enjoying the unique events and exhibits. There will also be dance performances and live concerts by student circles. Don’t forget to check out the “Wasemeshi Stamp Rally” to interact with the local community, as well! The unexpected awaits you!

Museum Week

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Autumn of Arts! ” Waseda Culture and Art Week” in October

The purpose of the “Waseda Culture and Art Week” is to introduce a wide range of Waseda University’s culture and arts. There will be a variety of events such as dance performances, live concerts and art galleries by student circles, as well as lectures, workshops, and film screenings by celebrities and experts. There will also be events which you can receive original merchandise. Events will differ depending on each year.

Waseda Culture and Art Week (in Japanese)

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Let’s tour Waseda University’s museums and cultural facilities!

You can access the museums and cultural facilities at Waseda University free of charge. Each of them holds permanent exhibitions and special short-term exhibitions, so please drop by regularly! For details, please see 02_Museums and Cultural Facilities.

・The Waseda University History Museum on the 1st floor of Building No.1 exhibits not only on Waseda University’s history, but also on current and future education and research.
・The Waseda Sports Museum on the 3rd floor of the Waseda Arena exhibits glorious scenes and symbolic episodes, as well as uniforms actually used in competitions, allowing visitors to experience the uniqueness and pride of Waseda.

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Cultural Planning Section, Cultural Affairs Division (5th floor of Building No. 99, Waseda Campus)
Website: https://www.waseda.jp/culture/en/

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