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Career Related Individual Consultation

Career center staff would like to help Waseda students for future career including job-hunting. Why not tell us your concerns and get advice from career center? Feel free to book for individual consultation(40-min each time). For details, please click “Career related individual consultation”

What can I consult?

Job-hunting process/Self-analysis/Industry・Company Research/ES review・Mock interview(internship・full-time job)/Recruiting information/Job offer(Nai-nai-tei)・Job offer rejection/Oversea studying and job-hunting/Public servant/Certificate examination/Further studies/Career vision and so on

How can I consult?

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Career Center>For Current Students>Events

Welcome to join career support events such as “Future Design Event”(みらい設計イベント), “Job-hunting Event”(就活支援イベント) and so on to decide your future career by yourself. You may also find the archives at Waseda Moodle “Career Center Archives & Information(キャリアセンター提供コンテンツ)”.

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Community for job-hunting「LINE Open-chat Exclusively for Waseda students」

LINE Open-chat exclusively for Waseda students(in Japanese) organized by career center is for Waseda students to communicate with each other for job-hunting. Students may ask questions to other Waseda students, or share job-hunting related information freely in the Open-chat.
Career center will also share future career event information as well as the vacancy for individual consultation in the Open-chat. So you are welcome to join!

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Career related information/facility

キャリアセンター(Career Center)>在学生への方へ(For Current Students)>Job-hunting Process
  1. “Career Compass” at MyWaseda
    Research for recruiting information, check the alumni list, made reservation for individual consultation, make the career path report. For first time to use “Career Compass”, registration for Career Path Plan(進路希望登録) is required.
  2. Check the Job-hunting report・Career Path Data
    Check for Waseda Moodle “Career Center Archives & Information”.
  3. Certificate & Recommendation letter
    If certificate or recommendation letter is required by company, please refer to Job-hunting related documents issurance.
    (Waseda University do NOT issue any recommendation letter for job-hunting, if it is required by company, please refer to Job-hunting related documents issurance.
  4. Career related books and information
    Career related books and documents are available at career center office(3rd floor, Student Building(学生会館), No.30 Building at Toyama Campus). Please confirm the office hour before using our services.
  5. Career Center “C Space”(1st floor, No.6 Building at Waseda Campus)
    Career Center “C Space” is available for career related individual consultation and so on.
    ※There is no private room at “C Space”, so for online job interview, please use the “Online Job Interview Booth(Telecube)”.
  6. Online Job Interview Booth “Telecube”
    There are three “telecube” available at Career Center office for online job interview. Check the Guideline(in Japanese) and make reservations if necessary.

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Frequently asked questions

Please check below for frequently asked questions about job search.

Career Center>For Current Students>FAQ(in Japanese only)

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