01-00.Overview of Waseda Moodle

Waseda University introduced its own LMS (Learning Management System) called Course N@vi in April, 2007. Since then, Course N@vi has been used in all types of courses, not just on-demand courses, and had been progressively expanded.
On the other hand, it is also true that we were not able to adequately support multi-device, multi-language, and operability improvement. In order to respond immediately to the ever-advancing information technology and paradigm shift in education, it is difficult for us to achieve with our own system development. Thus, we had started to consider introducing a new commercial LMS. With the help of evaluators selected from various background in 2017, we compared several commercial LMSs and decided to develop the system based on “Moodle.”
Moodle is a global standard open source e-learning platform system used by more than 70 million people in more than 230 countries. Based on Moodle functions, “Waseda Moodle” are customized some settings for Waseda University and introduced to faculty, staff and students.

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