02-02.Basic terms

These are the basic terms in Moodle.

No Term Description
1 Content Generic term for configurable features by teacher in charge (e.g., forum, assignment, quiz, questionnaire).
2 Dashboard The first page you see when you log in. For teachers, a list of courses in charge, and for students, a list of participating courses is displayed.
3 Course Subject
4 Course top(Course) Page displayed when you click a course name on the dashboard. On course top, content set by teacher is displayed.
5 Roles User attribute. Operable range differs depending on the role. Roles include subject teacher, lecturer, TA, student, guest, and so on.
6 Section Unit to divide each lecture.
7 Resource Generic term for files and folders provided by teacher as materials. Refer to 【Appended table】 below for resource used on Waseda Moodle.
8 Activity Generic term for communication functions within section between subject teacher and student, or among students. This includes attendance, forum, and quiz.
9 Grades Evaluation result of quiz and/or assignment based on score or rank. A grade table summarizing each grade can be created.
10 Dashboard The first page displayed when subject teacher or student log in to Waseda Moodle. This page includes a list of courses in charge. Changing profile and language can be done.
11 Permission Settings to control access by specific roles (subject teacher, student, etc.) to certain functions on Waseda Moodle (posting to forum, for example). There are four types of setting: “Not set,” “Allow,” “Prevent,” and “Prohibit.”
12 Intelliboard functions on Waseda Moodle (posting to forum, for example). There are four types of setting: “Not set,” “Allow,” “Prevent,” and “Prohibit.”

【Appended table】 Resource list

No Type of resource Description
1 URL Set up links to other contents on Waseda Moddle or links to external sites.
2 File Upload lecture materials provided to students in various file formats.
3 Folder Create folder to compile resources such as files, URL, and pages within each section. You can upload several files in a batch.
4 Page Create a web page using the text editor. You can set text, image, sound, video, web links, and so on.
5 Label Enable to set subheadings to make it easier to see the resources and activities in a section. a label to display resource

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