02-01.Screen layout

When you log in to Waseda Moodle, “Dashboard” will be displayed first. You will move from “Dashboard” to “Courses” you are participating in.


No. Function Description
Course overview Courses you are in charge of are displayed. By setting the conditions, it is possible to display only opened courses or favorite (star) courses.
 Login user Various settings such as changing profile and language can be done.
Information You can check the information.
Web manual Move to web manual page.
Introduction You can see video manual for basic operations.
HELP DESK Send inquiry to HELP DESK.
Calendar Move to Calendar page. You can manage your schedule such as assignment and quiz deadlines.
 Links Move to Student Course Evaluation page.
Learning Tools Bookmarks and notes can be made.



No Function Description
Setting Takes you to the course setup screen.
Participants Show the list of students in this course.
Grades You can see the grades of assignments and quiz submitted by students.
Administration You can set and edit the course. Also, by clicking icon, same function menu can be displayed.
Section This corresponds to “Lecture folder” on Course N@vi. You can set activity such as “Quiz” and “Assignment” and resource such as material file.
Management You can set up courses, import content from other subjects, etc. You can also display a menu of similar functions by clicking on the “ ” symbol.
Quick mail Emails can be sent to students individually or all at once.
Login user Various settings such as changing profile and language can be done.
Start edit mode Start here when setting up your content.
Learning Tools Bookmarks, notes, and calendar entries are available.


Last Updated on 2023-06-07

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