05-02.Edit a course

The way to move a section and content, change names, and edit in a course is as follows.

Move section and content

Click [Move icon] of a section or content you want to change the order in the course and specify the destination section or content.
You can also move a section or content by drag-and-drop of [Move icon].

Edit section

Click [Edit] in a section, and section editing menu will be displayed.

Change name of content

If you want to change the content title only, you can change it directly from the course. Click [Edit title icon] of the content to be changed, you will be able to input directly. Change the title and exit by pressing Enter on the keyboard.

  • Edit section
    Go to section setting page.
  • Highlight
    Highlight the section.
  • Hide section
    Make the section invisible to students.
  • Delete section
    Delete the section.

Edit content

Click [Edit] of content, and content editing menu will be displayed.

  • Edit settings
    Edit content title and content details.
  • Move right
    Move the content one paragraph to the right (indent).
  • Hide
    Make the content invisible to students.
  • Duplicate
    Make a copy of the content.
  • Delete
    Delete the content.

Last Updated on 2021-03-30

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