13-01-01. Set points for attendance status

There are three kinds of default attendance status.

  • Present (points:2)
  • Late (points:1)
  • Absent (Points:0 If a student does not record the attendance, it will automatically become absent.)

You can set the name of each attendance status and points.

  1. Click [Status set]
  2. Set “Acronym (Up to two letters),” “Description,” “Points,” “Self-marking availability,” “Available before session start,” and “Automatically set when not marked” according to the lecture style. After setting, click [Update].

    “Self-marking availability” sets the usage restrictions for the statuses that students use to register their attendance. The following availability restrictions can be set for each status.

    • 【Limited】You can provide the number of minutes that the status is available after the session starts.
    • 【Always】The status is available for the duration of the session.
    • 【No】The status is not available.

    If you check “Available before session start”, students will be able to register their attendance using that status before the session starts.

    1. “Available for students (minutes)” is based on the start time of the session used when students record. For example, if you create a session starts 1st period at 8:50 AM, enter “30” in “Present” in “Available for students (minutes),” and update it, “Present” can be entered until 9:20. After that, it will be “Late” (or Absent depending on the setting).
    2. You can also modify/add/delete the status. To modify, edit the default contents directly. To add, enter a blank items in the lower column and click the “Add.” To delete, click the trash can icon in “Action” column.

Last Updated on 2024-05-02

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