(2024.4.11)Announcement specification changes

The following changes have been made to the “Announcement“function, apreconfigured notification function for courses.

Change from Open Forum to Forum

With the upgrade, announcements will now be created in “forums” starting in AY2024.
*The “Open Forum” previously used for announcements will be discontinued.

・Due to the change, “Show recent posts on course page” is no longer available
・Announcements forum does not accept replies from students

If you check the “Show description on course page” checkbox, the information in the “Description” field will be displayed on the course page.

Example of the use of the “Description” field
  • Update date and time in the description field
  • Remind students not to unread
  • image

Notification on the dashboard screen that you have posted an announcement

When a faculty member adds a discussion topic to an announcement, a notification will appear on the student’s Moodle dashboard.
This allows students to be aware of the availability of announcements without having to access each course.

・Previously, only email notifications were available.
・As with email notifications, “subscription mode” (forced subscription, auto subscription) must be in “subscription mode” (forced subscription, auto subscription) as with email notifications.
・Forums that are added as activities rather than announcements will also be notified on the dashboard.
Check notifications from the Notifications menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard

Open the notification menu to go to the announcement of the course for which you have been notified.

Last Updated on 2024-04-11

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