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Waseda University began providing the “MyPortfolio” service from October 2017.

It is a customized version of the open source e-portfolio system“Mahara”, designed to support students in recording, storing,and reflecting on everyday things they learned during their student life, and making the records publicly viewable.

Making a habit of reviewing your studies and thoughts you recorded along the way is certain to help you during your career.

Let’s start by logging into MyWaseda.


1. Visualize yourself through MyPortfolio

For example, at the end of your time at Waseda University, you’ll be able to look back, remember in detail, and explain how your ideas and thought processes have changed, what kind of goals you set for yourself, and how you achieved those goals.

MyPortfolio is a tool for recording, storing, reflecting on, and sharing the process of your own growth. It is designed to help you achieve your goals and enjoy a fulfilling student life.


2. Create and Keep a Database of Your College Life

MyPortfolio is linked with various university systems, and automatically registers any courses or programs you are enrolled in.
Keep daily records of your academic progress such as course work and assignments, or things you’ve learned through extracurricular activities such as clubs or part-time jobs.

Once you’ve created a database of your college life, you can efficiently reflect on your 4 years at Waseda University.


3. Looking Back Connects You to Your Future

A database containing details of what you learned, how you thought, and what drove your actions in the past can serve as objective records of who you were at specific points in time.

Once you’ve collected a significant amount of daily records, try taking some time to reflect on what you’ve learned or how you’ve changed. You might come up with new study goals or realize that you’ve changed in ways that you never even imagined!


4. Set Your Profile to Public and Promote Yourself

Freely edit how your past records are displayed to viewers, any way you’d like. You might receive feedback that leads to new growth, or you could use your public profile to make yourself look appealing.

Unlike self-analysis or resumes hastily put together at the last minute, documents created based on self-reflections made using MyPortfolio will significantly contribute to your job hunting efforts.


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