Job Hunting

Many new students and younger students are anxious about their future job search. However, there is no need to worry about job hunting unnecessarily. First, “deepen your understanding of fundamental and specialized knowledge through your studies and acquire the ability to think logically and in a logical manner. Next, through social experiences such as extracurricular activities and work experience, try to actually use the abilities and thinking skills you have acquired through your studies. Once you have actively acted and experienced, the next important step is to look back. Think about what motivated you to do things, what you gained and how you grew from this experience, and how you interacted with society. Through repeated “experiences” and “looking back,” you will acquire the ability to carve out a life that is uniquely your own.

The Career Center provides the following information regarding job hunting activities.
●Standard selection process
Job offers and declining job offers
Job hunting activities by type
Frequently asked questions


Career Center>For Current Students>Job-hunting Process
Self-analysis Why Self-analysis is necessary?
When should start Self-analysis?
What is[column/コラム]and「Basic skills for working person/社会人基礎力」?
How to do Self-analysis※Check sheet(in Japanese)

  • 【Sheet-1】Think about your hoppies and interests
  • 【Sheet-2】Think about your university life
  • 【Sheet-3】Make preparation for frequent questiones in ES or during job interview at an early stage
  • 【Sheet-4】Think about your strengths and weak points
  • 【Sheet-5】Think about your future life plan
Industry & Company Research What is “Industry”, “Company” and “Job category”?
Knowing the industries
Knowing the industry category
Knowing the job category
Knowing the companies
Borrowing books & Library database Borrowing books from career center
Library database
Visiting alumni & Alumni list Alumni visiting process
Check the alumni list
Certificate for job-hunting Job-hunting related documents issurance

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Standard selection process

Career Center>For Current Students>Job-hunting Process
Job Selection Resume/Entry-sheet(ES)

  • What is ES
  • What is the three main parts for ES
Video job selection
Paper test
Group discussion
Job interview

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Job offers & Declining job offers

Career Center>For Current Students>Job-hunting Process
Job offers & Declining job offers Difference between Nainaitei(内々定) and Naitei(内定)
In case of received job offer notice(内定通知書)
Decline job offer
Job offer canceled by company

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Job-hunting activities by type

Career Center>For Current Students>Job-hunting Process
Job-hunting activities by type(※the links for each type is in Japanese only) Disabled students
Status of residence for international students
Civil service(for Japanese students only)
Work at hometown in Japan(for Japanese students only)
Work overseas
Oversea studies and job-hunting activity
Aim to become teacher in Japan(for Japanese students only)

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Frequently asked questions

Please check below for frequently asked questions about job search.

Career Center>For Current Students>FAQ(in Japanese only)

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