12-02.How to create questions that branch out based on survey responses

Describes how to ask different questions in response to answers to other questions.

As a sample, we will create a survey that allows you to answer question 2 when you answer Yes to question 1 below.

質問1:”Yes/No” method
質問2:”Check box” method

Procedure for setting up a survey
  1. From the “Settings” icon in the survey, click “Edit Settings
  2. Under “Answer Options,” set “Allow question branching” to “Yes.
  3. Click the “Save and View” button at the bottom of the page
  4. From the “Settings” icon in the survey, click “Survey Items
  5. On the Manage Question Items screen, click the “Edit” icon for question 2
  6. In the “Dependencies” section, set up the “top-level question items.”

    If the “Dependencies” menu does not appear, enter the “Item Name” of the higher-level question (in this case, Question 1). It will appear after you enter it.
  7. Click the “Save Changes” button to complete.
The following is what it looks like on the enrollee’s screen
  1. Answer “yes” to question 1.
  2. Question 2 will appear.
If you answer “No” to question 1, a screen will appear indicating that the question is now closed.

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