04-01-01. My Groups

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In MyPortfolio, you can put multiple users into a group and create a place for information exchange.


My Groups

This section lists the groups that the user is a member of in some way.
Click on “Groups” from the bar at the top of the screen, and “My groups” will appear in the initial screen.

Fig: E4-1-1-1

Initially, “All My Groups” is displayed.
If you want to check other criteria, select it from the pull-down list and click the “Filter” button.

Fig: E4-1-1-2

All my groups:

Refers to all of the following groups.

Groups I own:

Groups that I have created and own.

Groups I’m in:

Groups that I am a member of that were created by others.

Groups I’m invited to:

Groups that I am invited to that were created by other people.



Clicking on a group from the My Groups filter results will display the information for that group.

Fig: E4-1-1-3

After clicking on it, the screen will change to that of the group, and you can check the group information.

Fig: E4-1-1-4


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