Student Diversity Center (SDC)

Features of the SDC

In March 2015 at the Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition, students submitted a proposal titled “Japan’s First LGBT Student Center at Waseda!” As the proposal won the President’s Award and symposiums and lectures were held by university offices, LGBT groups and others, the idea gained momentum. Against this backdrop, the GS Center was newly established in April 2017 as a resource center for gender and sexuality. At the same time, the SDC was established to integrate the GS Center and the pre-existing ICC (Intercultural Communication Center) and the Office for Students with Disabilities (renamed Accessibility Resource Center in December 2023).

At Waseda University, we aim to create an academic community which embraces all, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, ability, religion or age. Diverse individuals bring their own perspectives to learning, education, research and employment, thereby generating new ideas that will lead to the further evolution of the university. To this end, the SDC promotes specific initiatives in line with the following two principles.

  • Ensuring an environment where diverse minority students, who could be disadvantaged in university life, can focus on their studies with peace of mind.
  • Creating a campus where all members of the university community accept diverse values and ways of life

The SDC is an implementing organization which provides support to students in collaboration with the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity, which is responsible for university-wide policies. Furthermore, SDC promotes diversity holistically throughout Waseda University in close cooperation with the Diversity Promotion Committee (Secretariat: Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity).

Details and Contacts

Examples of events and support. (From left: ICC, Accessibility Resource Center, GS Center)

Support efforts by the Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity.
Left: Lounge / Resting space for women on the Nishiwaseda Campus (Room 214, Bldg. 60)
Right: Teatime symposium for those with science background

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