“Announcement” function is a function to post notification. The default destination of the notification is course participants (students, teachers, etc.). You can create groups in a course and send them by group. As for the posting period of the notice, you can set a displaying period (date and time).

Following two steps are necessary for usage of “Announcement” function.
1. Create Announcement.
2. Add topic
*A course has one announcement from the beginning. To use already created announcement, start with “2. Add topic.”
Detailed setting procedures are described in the following pages.
Refer to:
07-01-01. Add a new discussion
07-01-02. Create Announcement managing read/unread status
07-01-03. Create announcement by group
The procedure for editing “Announcement” is described below.
  1. Start course editing mode.
    05-01.Start and end editing of course content
  2. Click [Edit] of “Announcement” and then [Edit settings].
  3. Default “Forum name” is “Announcement.” Change the name if desired.
  4. Set subscription mode. When participants subscribe, the content of Announcement will be sent to their email.
    *For Subscription mode, refer to following detailed items.
  5. Click [Save and return to course]


Detailed setting items for “Announcement”

Name Announcement
Setting items Forum name Name of Announcement
Default: “Announcement”
Example) Notification from Teacher
Description Content of the announcement. By enabling “Display description on course page,” this will show up on the course page.
Subscription mode
Subscription means participants will receive the announcement by email. Subscription mode is set by each “Announcement” and choose from followings:

·         Optional subscription
Participants do not receive forum content by email by default. However, participants themselves can change the setting to receive email.

·         Forced subscription
Participants receive forum content by email. (Cannot unsubscribe by participants themselves.)

·         Auto subscription
By default, participants receive forum content by email. However, participants can change the setting to unsubscribe themselves.

·         Subscription disabled
Participants do not receive forum content by email. (Cannot change the setting by themselves.)


・Subscription mode cannot be set by each topic

Function Add a new discussion By creating a new topic, you can post a notice to participants.

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