11-01-01.Create Forum (Detailed steps)

    1.  Click on [Add an activity or resource] on topic.
    2. Choose [Forum] and click on [Add].
    3. Enter “Forum name” and “Description.”
      If you want to show “Description” on the course page, enable “Display description on course page.”

  1. Choose a forum type.
    The forum types are explained on the following page.
    Refer to

  2. Set subscription mode. If subscribed, participants will receive forum post notification.
    The subscription mode is explained on the following page.
    Refer to:
    11-01-03.Email settings (Subscription mode)

  3. Click [Save and return course]. Now the forum is added to the course.
    Click the forum to open.

  4. The forum is created. Now add discussion topics here.

Last Updated on 2023-02-22

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