How to efficiently manage your submitted reports (electronic)

You will use the assignment to submit your report.Assignments can be set to include whether or not plagiarism checks will be performed on submitted reports and whether or not the results of the grade will be shown to the student.You will also be able to provide feedback on the submitted reports.

How to set up for an assignment
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    • Turnitin’ is a plagiarism check for submitted reports and is enabled by default. Disable the plagiarism check if it is not used.
    • When “blind grading” is enabled, the grades are not reflected in the grading table and are not visible to the student. If you want the grading results to be reflected in the grading table and displayed to the students, please disable “Blind Grading” (No).
How to provide feedback on a submitted report
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09-01-07.Grade submissions(Individual grading)
      • The “feedback comments” provide feedback via text input. You can intuitively enter comments on the report and edit them with ease.
      • A “feedback file” is a file that provides feedback.If you want to return common feedback to each student, you can do so by simply attaching the same file to each one.You will need to prepare a file in advance to be used as feedback, and any corrections or changes will require you to prepare a new file to replace it.

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